How to Check Car Insurance

Not only for health. Insurance is also very important for vehicles, especially cars. Where insurance allows you to further minimize the risk of unwanted things happening. So you can feel more safe and comfortable when traveling.

When buying a vehicle, especially a used car. It’s a good idea for you to know the vehicle insurance problems on the car. So you can understand, whether the car you want to buy has been registered for insurance or not. In addition, how to check car insurance is also quite easy, where you can check it alone.

For those of you who are curious, here’s how to check car insurance easily.

Tips for checking car insurance

Before you do a car insurance check. When buying a vehicle, you should ask the owner whether the car you want to buy has registered insurance or not. In addition, pay attention to some of the tips below before checking about car insurance.

Know the types of insurance

For you to know, car insurance includes several types, namely all-risk insurance and Total Loss Only (TLO) or it could even be a combination of the two. It’s best for you to know the meaning of some of these types of insurance. So you can get maximum protection to cover losses if something untoward happens to your car.

Expansion of the guarantee

Another tip that you should pay attention to before checking vehicle insurance is the expansion of the guarantee. Where you have to make sure that your car is given an expansion of the guarantee by the previous owner. Usually the expansion of own guarantees includes riots, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

Match the identity of the insurance policy owner

You can match the identity of the car owner with the identity of the owner of the car insurance policy. In addition, the way that can be done is also quite easy, namely just by making sure the STNK number and ID card number in the insurance policy are the same or different.

Immediately reverse the name of the vehicle

If all the tips have been practiced properly. It’s best to do the name reversal as soon as possible. Where this aims to make it easier for you to pay for insurance policies. Not only that, later you will be faster in the process when making an insurance claim.

How to check car insurance

Actually, the way you have to do to check car insurance is quite easy. However, some vehicle owners actually do not understand and tend to still be confused about conducting inspections. Here are some ways you can practice:

Came to the nearest branch office.

When you already know the car you want to buy is registered in insurance, the easiest step you can take is to come directly to the nearest branch office. Then you can directly ask the customer service about the purpose of your arrival, which is to check car insurance.

Through the insurance provider’s application.

This method is fairly simple because you don’t need to come directly to the office but can do it at home. But not all vehicle insurance providers have applications that make it easier for users to check insurance. Therefore, make sure the insurance service used already has a supporting application.

Through the official website.

The next step you can take to check car insurance is to visit the official website. Where there are usually many media that make it easier for you to check such as Call Centers.

Note: Conducting car insurance checks tends to have the same way in both all-risk and TLO insurance products.

Thus an explanation of how to check car insurance easily and quickly that you can practice. Good luck !